If spirit is the seed, dance is the water of its evolution.

About me

I am Sri Devi Sathiyanarayanan, a 32 year old Indian folk dancer born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Currently residing independently in Dubai, I have embraced a career filled with passion and resilience. Despite facing challenges, I have emerged as an extroverted and talkative individual, never losing hope in the face of failure

“If movements were a spark
then every dancer would desire to light up in flames.”



I pursued education until the 9th class in a Higher Secondary Government School in Chennai, choosing to follow my dream and passion for dance.

dance career

My dance journey began at the age of 13, under the guidance of Dharma Master from Pudhiya Bhoomi stage shows. I honed my skills and became a professional dancer, performing in various stage shows and joining the Indian film industry in 2005. Kala Master from Kala's Kalalaya became my guru in the film industry.


In 2020, I migrated to the UAE, where I met Suresh Master from Step n Groove Dance Studio. Currently, I am not only a student learning new dance steps but also an instructor, imparting my knowledge of South Indian dance to both kids and adults.


Born in Tamil Nadu, I have a deep love for the Tamil language and culture. Despite my Telugu background, I feel a strong connection to Tamil, making it convenient for me to act in Tamil songs.


My inspiration comes from my aunt, a dancer in the cine field. My dream came true when I became a back dancer, working with legendary actors like Rajinikanth, Prabhu, and Jyothika.